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Screedflo TS-20 Floor Screed

Screedflo TS-20 screed is a revolutionary new Gypsol anhydrite screed material. It is specially formulated to offer a strong and durable thin topping to a solid interior substrate, for example, in situ concrete or beam and block or precast concrete plank.

Tested to BS 8204:1:2003 it meets the requirements for class A for impact resistance. Due to its thin depth, just 20mm minimum, TS-20 will dry quickly allowing rapid return to service and application of finished floor coverings.

Screedflo TS-20 is perfectly suited to flooring applications where height is extremely restricted and offers a lightweight, cost effective alternative to smoothing compounds. It can be installed extremely quickly, around 600m²+ per day. This represents a significant saving in time when compared to bagged, site mixed smoothing compounds and levelling screeds.

Screedflo TS-20 screed is designed to be laid to a minimum of 20mm depth and can be used either bonded directly to a solid substrate prepared in accordance with BS 8204:7:2003 or un-bonded on a polythene membrane. TS-20 screed can also be used over low profile underfloor heating systems.

Some typical applications include:

  • Refurbishment of old uneven floors
  • Remediation or correction for out of level concrete slabs
  • As a levelling screed over floors where floor to ceiling height is very restricted
  • Sub floor levelling in preparation to receive finished floor coverings
  • Overlay for poorly levelled screeds
  • As an alternative to lightweight screeds

Application data:

Bonded 20mm
Unbonded 20mm

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