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Perimeter Strip

Regardless of the type of screed being used, an expansion edge strip should always be used around all walls, stairs, and pipes that the screed will come in to contact with. It is required to allow for expansion of the screed as it dries or heats up. It should sit flush against the walls and behind the polythene membrane.

Perimeter Strip is designed to provide a compressible strip at the perimeter of a floating or unbonded screed.

Perimeter Strip provides for the thermal and other movement in a screed.

Perimeter Strip is ideal for use with all under floor heated screeds.

The affixed polythene “skirt” provides an easy way to seal the perimeter by lapping and taping to the polythene or other membrane under the screed.

Perforations in the Perimeter Strip allow easy tearing of the strip to the correct height after the screed is installed.

50m x 100mm high, 8mm thick.
£40.00 per roll +VAT (Delivery charge of £35.00 unless delivered at the site visit.)

Vertical Control Joints

Heated screeds should include joints across doorways and between areas with separate heating control zones (take advice from the under floor heating manufacturer). Expansion joints can be made using pre formed 10mm closed cell Polyethylene foam with a self-adhesive T-bar base known as a vertical control joint.

These should be installed when the UFH is being laid and Screedflo can supply these at the time of the pre installation site visit if required, in 1800mm strips for £18.00 +VAT.

500 gauge membrane

Single wound black 500 gauge polythene membrane (125MU)

1m wide x 50m long.
£40.00 per roll +VAT
Delivery charge £35.00 +VAT.

General Purpose Gaffer Tape

50M Length 75mm wide
£5.50 + VAT per roll
Screedflo can supply these at the time of the pre installation site visit if required.

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