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All about Screedflo

Screedflo Ltd has been manufacturing, supplying and installing liquid screed since 2006.

We are based in Braintree and cover most areas in the southeast.

We have a fully trained team of screed installers and office staff to assist you every step of the way, from the initial enquiry, through to the site visit, installation of the screed and to aftercare and technical support.

Screedflo operates mobile batching lorries, which produce Gypsol liquid screed by carefully blending anhydrite binder, selected aggregate and water together using a high-tech computerised system, to ensure that the screed produced is of the correct strength and consistent standard throughout the installation. The batching units can produce 9m³ per hour if required.

Along with the excellent quality control of the product, the mobile batching unit allows us to ensure guaranteed delivery times, as the lorry arrives on site with all the dry materials required for the job before we start installing the screed. We can batch up to 9m3 with one lorry and 17m3 with a refill of sand. Larger volumes are possible where required.

As we batch the material on site, we can control the volume produced to meet your exact requirements, so there is no waste, and we normally carry extra material on the vehicle if it is needed.

Liquid screed can be installed much faster than standard sand and cement screeds, and areas of over 600m² are possible in a day. There is no mess on site, as the materials are stored on our vehicles. All we require is a mains pressure water supply on site and either a lined skip or bins to wash out the screed hoses at the end of the screed installation.

Our vehicles can produce more than one liquid screed product, so if a project requires different screeds in areas, we are able to accommodate this on the same occasion.

For more information on the various products and their applications please contact us on 01621 874781.

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