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Sustainable and High Performance Liquid Screeds

With the focus on sustainable building and renewable energy sources such as ground and air source heat pumps, liquid screeds made from recycled material are now a much more attractive option than standard sand and cement screeds.

Our screed is made from a binder (produced from 98% reclaimed and recycled waste product) which is used throughout the UK to produce around 1.5million m2 per annum liquid screeds.

By using anhydrite liquid screed, designed correctly, with the correct insulation, renewable heat technologies and underfloor heating, significant savings on CO2 emissions ( embodied and operational) can be made. For example around 3,295kgs of embodied CO2 and 2,745kgs annual operational Co2 can be saved in an average 80m2 domestic property, by making design changes.

By incorporating anhydrite binder, Screedflo screed provides benefits, including:

  • Low manufacturing carbon footprint
  • Reduced lifetime impact
  • Liquid screed conducts heat from underfloor heating pipes more efficiently than standard screeds, so the UFH system can be set to run at a lower flow temperature, saving energy
  • Safer to work with
  • Low embodied energy
  • Reduced waste

We manufacture, supply and install a range of liquid screeds throughout the South of England.

  • We batch our screed on site using computerised batching units which carry 9m3 and with a refill of sand we can produce 17m3 (and more when other vehicles are brought to site subject to access).
  • Once on site, we batch the screed as it is required so it is of the best quality, in comparison to waiting for ready mix trucks to arrive with screed which has been previously batched and has to travel to site, so quality cannot be so accurately controlled.
  • Most ready mix trucks carry 6m3, so by using Screedflo, fewer trucks are required on site to produce volumes over 6m3.
  • We can stop production at any time, and will batch exactly what is required with no waste.
  • Our installation teams are fully trained and only work for us.
  • We can supply and install more than one product during the same visit.

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