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Screedflo Standard Liquid Floor Screed

Screedflo standard screed is a general purpose screed designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface for use on the interior floors of buildings where a subsequent floor covering or suitable protective surface is to be used.

Screedflo liquid screed is made from Gypsol anhydrite binder mixed with selected aggregate and water.

Screedflo standard screed is suitable for most floor screed applications, as detailed below:

  • Unbonded onto a polythene membrane - minimum depth of 30mm
  • Floating (Domestic) laid on insulation and a polythene membrane minimum 35mm
  • Floating (Commercial) laid on insulation and a polythene membrane minimum 40mm
  • With Underfloor Heating - Minimum cover to pipes 25mm
  • Foot traffic allowed after 24-48 hours
  • The floor can be loaded after 5 to 7 days

Drying time 1-1.4mm per day. A screed at 40mm should be dry in 28 days subject to ambient humidity and site conditions.

Force drying: The screed can be force dried after 7 days, using the underfloor heating if installed.

SR2 tolerance finish can be readily achieved as described in BS8204.

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