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Screedflo Liquid Screed

Liquid screeds were developed in response to issues with traditional sand and cement screeds. Traditional sand and cement screeds are labour intensive and around 100m² is generally laid in a day. They must be cured, sometimes under a polythene membrane, and no foot traffic is allowed for 72 hours.

Traditional screeds can crack and curl, and experience excessive shrinkage. They require reinforcement, are normally laid at a minimum of 65mm and dry at a rate of 1mm per day.

The material is often mixed by hand which can lead to a poor-quality mix. Cement Bags and polythene wrappers need to be disposed of, and pallets returned. Usually, a batching area is required for duration of works.

Products are installed by operatives kneeling in wet cement/sand. There is a risk of dermatitis and cement burns. Health screening by a competent person is recommended by the HSE, as the installation is manually intensive operation with risk of repetitive strain and muscular skeletal injuries.

Developed over twenty years ago, anhydrite liquid screed has many benefits compared to traditional sand and cement products. Being substantially quicker to lay, far less labour intensive and beneficial to underfloor heating systems, the use of flowing screed has become widely accepted throughout the building industry.

Liquid screed is ideal for use with underfloor heating, as it conducts heat five times more effectively than traditional screed. The liquid screed flows around and encapsulates the underfloor heating pipes, so that there are no air pockets, which means that the floor heats evenly and quickly, reducing energy consumption. This makes it the perfect product for renewable energy systems such as ground source and air source heat pumps, and is a more sustainable solution to traditional screeds.

Screedflo standard liquid screed can be laid at 50mm depth with underfloor heating (instead of 75mm depth as with traditional screed), and 40mm on insulation and timber floors.

Screedflo has a range of premium products, including a levelling screed that can be laid at 20mm depth, high strength products and high thermal conductivity screeds.

The screed can usually be walked on after 48 hours and heavier loads applied after 7 days.

For further information on our screeds, please see our datasheets.

Protecting the Environment

At Screedflo, we pride ourselves on developing systems that are environmentally sustainable.

The main constituent in our screed is the anhydrite binder. This comes from the recycled waste product from industrial processes. We take the product from this environmental process, and having purified it, re-use it in our screed.

As a result of our on-site batching, we use 30% less water compared to alternative screeds. As we are only mixing the amount of screed you require there is also an environmental saving resulting from there being no waste material. Additionally, there are no cement bags, polythene, or pallets to dispose of.

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