Screedflo dB Installation

Step 1

dBfoam, a compression-resistant foam is laid onto the structural sub-deck. A unique edge isolation system incorporating a combination of edgeboard shuttering and specially developed Screedflo edgestrip is then applied around all the wall surfaces.

Step 2

Screedflo dBoard, a high density, moisture proof fibreboard is then laid on top of the dBfoam.

Step 3

A polythene tanking membrane is laid on top of the dBoard. If specified, under floor heating is laid on top of this membrane.

Step 4

Precision checks are made ensuring a quality end result.

Step 5

National coverage is achieved using Screedflo’s mobile batching vehicle.

Step 6

The Screedflo Anhydrite screed is pumped into the development using a sophisticated computer controlled batching system.

Step 7

A fast drying Screedflo Anhydrite screed is laid onto the polythene membrane and underflooor heating.

Step 8

The finished product!