Comparing Screedflo dB System and a Traditional Floating Floor

Screedflo dB system is supplied by one material supplier and one installer - Floating floors comprise of up to 4 material suppliers and 2 installers, greatly increasing the likely hood of system failure or labour related failures.

Screedflo dB creates monolithic floor slab with much greater point, UDL and edge loadings - Floating floors rely heavily on acoustic battens and multi layer make-ups leading to lower loading ability.

Screedflo dB offers a minimum C30/F5 screed solution capable of accepting all floor finishes without issue - Floating timber can require specialist treatment for vinyl/tiled solutions and can be problematic long term due to increased flexibility, settlement and movement.

Screedflo dB does require a drying time for the screed prior to coverings but this is in line with second fix - Whilst their is no drying required the install time of floating floor is by far greater often resulting in similar install times.

Screedflo dB Offers a more robust and durable floor with a concrete feel to timber frame - Floating floors can degrade over time due to degradation of the plasterboard layer and compressible foams.

Screedflo dB has been fully tested and the system was approved and certified by BM Trada - Composite systems will have not been tested for these aspects and will be at the client and specifiers discretion.

Screedflo dB can eliminate various acoustic bridging issues associated with floating floors.

Screedflo dB can accommodate UFH in the screed layer without detriment to acoustic performance.

Acoustic data is for the complete system rather than acoustic data being supplied by the batten supplier allowing for various components.

In the past specifications have moved away from the Screedflo acoustic floor system to floating floor due to a lack of understanding around the engineering, costs or installation process. As you can see their are various benefit to the builder and client and if done correctly there is no major up lift in cost when all points are considered.

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