Edge Strip & Accessories

Screedflo edge strip:

Regardless of the type of screed being used, an edge strip should always be used around all walls, stairs, and pipes that the screed will come in to contact with. It is required for a number of reasons:

  • To allow for expansion of the screed
  • To prevent transmission of sound between rooms
  • To prevent spread of fire at the base of timber walls

Most edge strips were developed for use with masonry walls. The Screedflo edgestrip is unique in that it was specially developed to be used with both masonry and timber walls. This means that it has much better acoustic and fire performance than other edge strips.

Made from high quality, closed-cell, cross-linked foam, the Screedflo edge strip offers a number of benefits to the self-builder:

  1. The foam used is much stronger than alternative edge strips, making it much easier to use on site, and reducing wastage.
  2. Cheaper materials cannot expand again once they have been compressed by the screed for the first time. Consequently, if the screed shrinks again when it cools, a gap can be left around the perimeter of the floor, allowing sound transmission between rooms. The unique closed-cell structure of the Screedflo material means that the foam expands or contracts along with the screed. This minimises sound transmission as it prevents these gaps from occurring.
  3. Having been developed for use with timber framed walls, the Screedflo edge strip is made from fire resistant foam. This helps to prevent the possibility of fire transmission at the base of the plasterboard on timber walls.
  4. A quick peel adhesive strip ensures fast and easy installation.


We stock 50m x 6mm x 135mm rolls, which can be delivered anywhere on mainland UK direct to your site.

Cost per roll is £69.00 (ex VAT) + £18.00 delivery (if required).

To order either of these accessories, contact us on 01621 874781

Vertical Control Joints:

Heated screeds should include joints across doorways and between areas with separate heating control zones (take advice from the under floor heating manufacturer). Expansion joints can be made using pre formed 8 or 10mm closed cell Polyethylene foam with a self-adhesive T-bar base known as a vertical control joint.

Screedflo can supply these at the time of the pre installation site visit if required, in 1800mm strips for £14.00+ VAT.

500 gauge membrane:

Single wound black 500 gauge polythene membrane (125MU)

1m wide x 50m long.
£30.00 per roll +VAT
Delivery charge £18.00 or we can deliver during an early site visit.