The Screedflo mobile batching vehicles:

Although mobile batching plants are used throughout Europe and North America, traditionally liquid anhydrite screed is delivered by 5m³ or 6m³ mixer trucks in the UK.

Each Screedflo vehicle carries enough dry material to produce 9m³ of screed and can be re-filled on site if larger volumes of up to 40m³ per day are required.

The whole batching process is controlled by an on-board computer and accurate automated weigh scales. This ensures that the screed is batched perfectly every time.

Once batched, the screed is pumped by a powerful screw pump to wherever it is required. The screed can be pumped up to 150m from the trailer, at a rate of 8m³ per hour.

Screedflo has a fleet of liquid screed batching units, either 10m or 16m long. All our vehicles are capable of supplying up to 40m³ liquid screed per day.

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