Our Service

Our highly experienced staff will provide you with outstanding service. Before you start your project we can offer you expert advice on all aspects of the use and installation of our screed products. We also have a range of liquid screed data sheets and Screedflo dB data sheets which you can download from this website to assist you.

Once your designs are nearing completion, you can use our coverage calculator to estimate your likely requirement and then contact us for an immediate free quotation. We recommend a 30mm unbonded screed onto concrete, a 40mm screed onto insulation and a 50mm screed with underfloor heating.

Booking your delivery and installation could not be easier. Simply contact us to book the time and day of your choice. Prior to delivery we will make a site visit to check that the floor has been prepared correctly and is ready to have liquid screed installed.

The service does not stop there. Following completion of the pour we will send you information regarding the aftercare or the timing of your next stage of floor work, and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

The Process

  • Contact us by phone or email for your quotation
  • Book an installation date
  • One of our team will make a site visit a few days before
  • Screed Installation
  • After sales

Our Self Build Brochure is available here.