Benefits of the use of Flowing Screeds:

Screedflo anhydrite screed produced in our own vehicles offers many benefits compared to alternative screed supplies.

Guaranteed quality:

As the screed is batched on site by accurate computer controlled equipment, you can be sure that every batch of screed contains exactly the right mix of components. Our anhydrite screed is the only screed with a CE mark for both the binder and the batched screed.

Speed of installation:

Speed of installation is a key benefit of using Screedflo. The continuity of supply allowed by on-site batching, means that we should be able to pour and install your floor in a few hours.

Ideal for use with underfloor heating:

Screedflo is ideal for use with under floor heating, as the free flowing nature of the screed ensures that it fully encapsulates the pipe work without any chance of voids. Even with underfloor heating, the screed can be installed at a depth of 40mm (Screedflo HTC) or 50mm standard screed.

Rapid drying times:

At depths of 40mm the screed will be able to take foot traffic after 48 hours, and will take full working loads after 7 days. It generally dries at a rate of 1mm a day up to 40mm depth, subject to ambient conditions. Beyond 40mm depth it will take 2 days per 1mm (up to 50mm depth). Screedflo can be force dried using the UFH system, which means that a 50mm screed could be ready for floor coverings 28 days after the installation date.

Environmentally friendly:

Screedflo is a very environmentally friendly product. The binder used is the recycled waste from the chemical industry, while our batching process results in 30% less water being used than with other screeds. Additionally, there is virtually no waste generated, as only the required quantity of screed is batched.

No waste or mess:

We only batch the amount of screed that you need, so there is no waste and you only pay for what you use. Because there is no waste, there is little mess to clear up, and our team will even wash down the area where they have been working.