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The Screedflo dB floor system is the ultimate floor system for your new home. It combines high strength, great acoustic performance with the ability to use underfloor heating with timber floors.

Consisting of layers of specially developed compression resistant foam, moisture proof fibreboard, and high strength Screedflo screed, it offers numerous benefits for your home.

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Underfloor heating:

With most timber floors, underfloor heating is expensive to install, and is not very effective, as there is insufficient thermal mass to allow it to work efficiently. The use of screed in the Screedflo dB system allows underfloor heating to be installed just as easily and cost-effectively upstairs as on the ground floor. Furthermore, as underfloor heating can be fully encapsulated in screed in the upstairs as well as ground floor, it now works just as effectively in both floors!

Reduced noise downstairs:

Building Regulations require a noise reduction of 40dB from upstairs to downstairs through the floor. The Screedflo dB floor will reduce the noise by over 3 times this level, which means that you won't be able to hear the children's music, gymnastics or high heels on timber upstairs!

Solid feel:

While you may want to use a timber floor for it's speed of installation and environmental benefits, you would not want a floor that may eventually squeak or bounce slightly when you walk on it. The use of screed in the Screedflo dB floor, produces a floor that feels like a solid concrete floor rather than a timber floor. It will not deteriorate over time, and will therefore remain solid and silent.

Environmentally friendly:

Protecting the environment was central to the development of the Screedflo dB floor system. The majority of components are recycled or come from sustainable sources.

As well as benefitting from using Screedflo screed, the fibreboard that we use in the Screedflo dB system comes from fully sustainable sources and is FSC certified. This is the ultimate international certificate of sustainability in the timber industry. The polythene we use is also made from fully recycled materials.

Ease of installation:

We have made sure that the Screedflo dB system is easy to install and can be largely installed by you or your builder. We supply everything you need in one delivery, and you can download an easy to follow installation guide. Once you are ready for the screed, simply book your delivery and we will supply and install it for you.

Why not watch the on-line short video for more information on the Screedflo dB flooring system.

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